Following the successful launch of our contactless entry turnstiles earlier this year, we are upgrading all our turnstiles to allow members access to the gym via the QR code generated in the app. The system is fast and reliable and helps to reduce the spread of germs too!

1. Search for JD Gyms on your smartphone’s app store and download the app.
2. Sign into the app using the same email address and password you use to sign in to your JD Gyms account (if you have forgotten your password, press ‘forgotten password’ to set a new one).
3. Each time you arrive at the gym, open the app and press the ‘Generate QR code’ icon.
4. Scan yourself into the gym by holding the QR code up to the QR reader on the entry gate (make sure the scanner can see the whole QR code - don’t hold it too close!).

If you need any assistance in gaining access into the gym though, please press the green button at the entrance and a member of staff will come to help.